Author Talks Set for Book Festival on 9/22/2019

Our roster of exciting author talks for Sunday, September 22nd have been locked in.

12:00 Noon – Lisa Romeo

Lisa will read from her book, Starting With Goodbye: A Daughter’s Memoir of Love after Loss, and give tips and advice for writing memoir.


1:00 PM – Elissa Matthews
Where do Writers Get Their Ideas?
Our favorite writers are always coming up with new and intriguing ideas, whether it’s an intriguing mystery that just doesn’t turn out the way you expected, to a wonderful new twist on an old fairy tale. In this talk I will review some of the responses that different authors have given to this question (“a post office box in Schenectady”), and what those answers all have in common.

2:00 PM – David Watts

From ‘Just the Facts, Ma’am’ to Author
Real-life private investigator David Watts will chronicle his journey from being a Plainfield policeman and detective to writing a memoir, and then two novels.

In addition to our three speakers, 13 other authors will be available to sign their books and speak with readers, including Bert Abbazia, J.R. Bale, Linda Barth, Robert Ciampi, Michael Stephen Daigle, Reyna Favis, Vivian Fransen, Kerry Gans, Kristina Garlick, Laura Kaighn,  Bob Mayers and Jenn Stroud Rossmann.