2021 Festival Deemed a Success

The 2021 New Providence Book Festival is over. The canopies have been struck. Newly acquired books have been taken home, soon to be explored soon. Thank you all for making this the best festival yet.

Attendee Reviews

“We had a wonderful time at the New Providence Book Festival. My husband and I bought five books. The authors were accessible and enthusiastic about their books. We will attend again next year.”

— Kathie Veloric 

“I enjoyed listening to writers discuss their work and their writing process.  The conversation was informative and relevant to any form of creative work.”

— Katie Weiss

“It was amazing! I just started to read “My Pilot: A Story of War, Love, and ALS” by Sarajane Giere. So far it offers a glimpse into the life of a military wife and her struggles with her husband who is suffering from ALS. I cannot wait to finish the book and start the other books I have purchased.”

— Victoria Pepper

“The New Providence Book Festival offered a charming tented venue beside the Salt Box museum and a series of author talks and book signings. The community came out in a stream of friendly folk and curious readers! Chatting under a canopy with authors and readers–about books, ah! What a grand day!”

— Nev March, author

“An honor to meet actual authors and see their works!”

— Nancy Wick

“We really enjoyed the homemade baked goods and meeting such a wide array of authors who were willing to talk about their work. It was a nice small forum and we bought two children’s books for family.

— Mary Ann Cece

See you all in 2022!